Best alternatives and competitor of MailChimp

Though MailChimp is considered to be one of the pioneers of email marketing, today there are a lot of competitors and alternatives of MailChimp. The MailChimp is popular for its easy to use interface, user-friendly feature, and other automated options. For the beginner in online marketing, it is one of the best tools to send thousands of emails every day. For the basic use, the MailChimp can stay on the top of the priority list. But for the advanced user, it might not be compatible with all users. However, you can start your email marketing journey with the MailChimp, and when your requirement grows, you can switch to the other option easily. There are many top marketing alternatives to choose from. Here I am discussing few-

1. Robly

Robly has many advance features which are missing in MailChimp. It uses the Open Gen technology to send emails to different subscribers. If the users don’t open your email after sending once, it will resend the email within ten days. It also has the mobile-friendly interface, ability to send emails on a different schedule to increase the rate of opening emails by the users and so on.

Pros of Robly

1) High customer satisfaction
2) Easy to use interface
3) Offers scheduled campaigns
4) Increase the opening rate of the mail
5) Constantly adding new features and templates, and so on.

Cons of Robly

You won’t find a lot of templates and variations of design on Robly.

2. Drip

Drip focuses on the automation process of marketing. From this tool, you will get a lead generating option. This option will help you to find out the interest of your customers and where they are engaged the most.

Pros of Drip

1) You can plan and manage the campaign easily from the beginning to the end.
2) It helps the entrepreneur generate more sales through different plans and features.

Cons of drip

1) Unlike MailChimp, it is not easy to set up.
2) You have to put more time and effort to design and run the email campaign with Drip.

3. AWeber

AWeber helps to create different forms, newsletter, and follow messages easily. You can also create communication marketing campaigns using this marketing tool. It also has a drag and drops editor to create different campaigns and sign up forms, and templates for the marketing of your business effectively.

Pros of Aweber

1) It can integrate with many platforms.
2) The emails sent from this tool look more natural than the other similar tools.

Cons of Aweber

1) The automation capability is missing.
So, these are few alternative and competitors of MailChimp which you can also consider email marketing.